Microhematocrit Centrifuge

Microhematocrit Centrifuge

Premier XC-3000 Microhematocrit Centrifuge

Designed for general laboratory use, our quiet, smooth spinning microhematocrit centrifuges are equipped with auto shut off when the lid is raised.

This microhematocrit offers the high performance ability to spin down whole blood into hematocrit for use in clinic, biochemistry, immunology, etc. The microhematocrit centrifuge can be used in other capillary tube spinning requirements.

Digital display with variable speed control and locking lid. Aluminum rotor offers low heat conduction.

The Premier XC-3000 microhematocrit centrifuge is whisper quiet, fast, accurate, vibration free, and cost effective microhematocrit centrifuge.


Amethod for rapid determination of the packed cell volume by high-speed centrifugation of blood contained in capillary tubes.


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  • Max Speed 14000rpm
  • Nominal RCF 13,680g
  • Capacity 24 x 75mm Capillary tubes
  • Timer Range 0-99 minutes
  • Weight 10.5kg.


  • Auto shut off
  • Digital display with variable speed control
  • Aluminum rotor offers low heat conduction
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Vibration free
  • Economically priced