500kg Beam Scales

Livestock Load Bar Scales

Weighing Beams with Digital Readout

500kg capacity in 100 gram increments

Non Trade Approved

Load-Bar System consists of two low profile weigh bars, with a digital weighing indicator display. The units ease of portability and built in rechargeable battery, make this a truly portable and flexible weigh system. This system is commonly used for livestock weighing. Simply place the load bars under an exising squeeze chute or platform and you’re ready to weigh.

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  • 500kg maximum capacity with 100gram readability
  • Lightweight and Portable Weigh Bars w/ Digital Readout
  • Bars are 80cm Long x 8cm Wide x 8.4cm High
  • Quick Connect Cables
  • Two Adjustable Leveling Feet under each Load Bar
  • Rechargeable Battery Operation ideal for portability
  • Up to 40 hours on a single charge
  • LED Digital display indicator



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Animal & Platform Scales

You can turn an existing pen into a livestock scale simply by bolting the two weighbars under it and connecting them to the indicator.

Your livestock scale can be large enough for a group of animals or it can be built for a single animal.

Factory & Warehouse Applications

Fabricate your own platform out of steel, aluminium or simply a wooden pallet as shown in the photograph to make a fully function weigh scale system.

Common applications for this fully portable scale system are under conveyors, tanks, and hoppers. It is also ideal for long lengths of pipe or other difficult to handle materials.

A platform scale is one of the easiest scales to build.

This highly portable and unique scale system is designed with simplicity in mind.

In just a few minutes the entire scale is setup and ready to weigh. The system includes two weigh beams manufacturered from ALUMINIUM. Each Weighbeam has 15’ of load cell cable. This scale system is made complete with an Rechargeable Battery/AC powered digital indicator.


Easily positioned to weigh a large variety of items. Convenient to store when not in use.


Complete portability is guaranteed with the built in rechargeable battery. The system will operate up to 40 hours on a single charge. The battery continually charges while the scale is plugged into a standard 240v outlet..


The all ALUMINIUM construction of the load bars has been proven for years of field use. This system is designed to withstand continuous outdoor use.. Their are no moving parts to wear out, and no costly maintenance. Our weigh beams will give you years of trouble free service.


Standing at 11cm high and supplied in pairs. Total capacity of one pair of weighbeams is 500kg.measured in 100 gram increments.

Each weigh beam is 80cm long and 6.5cm wide.


Simple one button Tare provides for the acquiring of the tare.