Borosilicate Glass Chemistry Set

Borosilicate Glassware Organic Micro Chemistry Set


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This quality chemistry set glassware collection enables students to perform the organic chemistry experiments recommended in most popular textbooks. Made of sturdy borosilicate glass, our chemistry set consists of interchangeable connections type 14/23 standard taper ground glass for easy assembly; students can build systems in one-half the time usually needed with non-ground components (no corks or stoppers are required in this chemistry set).

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Experiments that present safety or disposal problems at the macro level become safer, practical and economical. Specifically designed for microscale applications in organic chemistry, this glassware set allows experimentation on a much smaller scale than is possible with standard-sized glassware. Micro quantities of chemicals are used so exposure is reduced, making them safer and easier for students to handle. And, with smaller amounts of chemicals, it’s less expensive and storage/disposal problems are minimized. Not only is microscale chemistry safer for students and kinder to our environment, chemical reactions are faster so more can be accomplished in a single class period.

The set is packaged in an attractive aluminium molded carry case with a foam insert that safely secures the glassware when not in use. A manual is included, which illustrates proper assembly for specific experiments.


Some of the procedures that can be done with this set:
Chemistry set contains:
  1. Distillation
  2. Steam distillation
  3. Steam distillation with separation
  4. Chromatography column and fractional distillation
  5. Reaction with gas evolution
  6. Simple reflux
  7. Reflux with addition
  8. Reflux with absorption
  9. Preparation with inert atmosphere
  10. Separation or gas evolution
  11. Preparation or recovery
  12. Freeze drying
  13. Filtration
  14. Recovery
  • Measuring cylinder 100ml
  • Beaker 150ml
  • Pear shaped flask three necks 14/23
  • Cone to screwthread adapter 14/23
  • Pear shaped flask 100ml 14/23
  • Round flask 50ml 14/23
  • Thermometer 0-150°
  • Liebig condenser 14/23
  • Dropping funnel 25ml 14/23
  • Erlenmeyer flask 100ml
  • Stopper ground glass 14/23 qty 2
  • Plain stillhead 14/23
  • Air condenser 14/23
  • Air/steam inlet tube
  • Bend with vent 14/23
  • Plain bend 14/23
  • Spirit lamp
  • Filter funnel with sintered disc 14/23
  • High vacuum grease 10gm
  • Conical joint clips polyacetal 14/23 qty 7
  • Support stands with rods qty2
  • Clamp holders qty 4
  • Retort clamp qty 2
  • Aluminium case with foam inserts